Silver UFO caught over Sacramento, California

On September 5, 2015, an automobilist drove on a road in Sacramento (California). By seeing sunset, he would take a photo. Later, by watching his photo, he noticed a silver/chrome UFO in the sky.

Witness report:

Just got done looking at a house I was considering to buy. As I was driving down the road I could not pass up the chance to take a picture of the beautiful sunset. Since I love to photograph sunsets, I pulled out my Galaxy S5 phone and snapped a picture. About a week later I was going through my phone pictures when I realized I had caught the reflection of a Gas Station sign or something in the window of my car and caused it to be in the image of the sunset. I then uploaded the picture to my computer to get a better view of what the reflection was. As I zoomed in on the picture I noticed streaking in the pinkish clouds. After following the streaking down in the image i noticed a Silver or Chrome looking orb in the sky. I do not know if it was in motion or what direction it was traveling if any. Please help in identifying this object.