Large UFO with bright lights over Shreveport

On September 19, 2015, during night, two persons living in Shreveport (Louisiana, USA) have spotted a large and luminous unidentified object since their backyard. UFO emitted two bright lights.

Witness statement:

In my backyard with my daughter, watching all the stars start to come out. We saw object moving at fast speed, changing colors, and realized there was no sound at all. I thought it was maybe a helicopter, it was low flying, but no sound, and the helicopters I have observed before were very loud. The object first appeared to fly in a straight line when we first noticed it, but as it got closer, it moved up, and to the side, up and to the side. I felt confused about why there was no sound, my daughter felt a little freaked out, because we didn't know what it was. It moved fast, and we watched it get further and further away, then it just disappeared suddenly. After it was gone we were in shock, we didn't know what we saw, and felt whatever it was it wasn't powered by jet fuel, since there was no noise at all.