Large UFO spotted over Manchester, UK

On September 1st, 2015, an inhabitant of Manchester (United-Kingdom) was frightened after having seen a square UFO with lights on each corner flying his home…

Witness report:

I was on my way upstairs to retire for the night when I noticed a light outside the landing window which is on the back of the house. I thought it might have been a helicopter but it did not sound like one. I looked out of the window and saw four lights and when i looked closer I saw these lights were on each corner of a large square object. It moved quite slowly across the top of the house and as it passed I saw a strip of flashing lights at the back of the object. I called my husband but by this time it had passed to the front of the house. so we ran into the front bedroom and all we could see was the strip of flashing lights at the back of the object. My husband said it seemed to be going in the direction of manchester airport. Throughout all the time keeping a steady pace.I was so overwhelmed by this sightings and thought surely I was not the only one who saw this thing so I sent an email to Bufora ufo website also to the mail news paper and the manchester evening new also to nick pope but no one has replied to me with any information about weather anyone else had reported it. I know what I saw to be real but without any other witnesses I'm at a loss.

Photo: Manchester Town Hall in Albert Square (Mark Andrew / Wikimedia) – CC BY 2.0