Bright UFO snapped in Boston, Massachussetts

On September 18, 2015, a taxi driver drove his vehicle in Boston (in Massachussetts, USA). Suddenly, he has noticed an unexplained glowing light over Quincy Center. What is it?

Witness statement:

I drive a taxi in Boston I was heading back to my place when I noticed a very bright light of to my east it was clearly visible I thought it was a plane at first. I get to my place and I look and its visible to me again and not moving so now it can't be a plane I don't hear any rotor noise from a helicopter so now I Am interested. So I took 6 shoots of it at a good position I watched it from 4:00 am until 4;45am it never moved I was calm,to me it was no big deal but someone will try to explaine it away. I have no idea what this could be there is no star of any kind in this part of the sky looking east this object to the naked eye was very bright white light it looked very large because of how bright it was,Logan international airport is very close to the city so the flight patterns can take a plane over the region and nobody would look twice but this is 4:00am and in the wrong position and its hovering or stationary that's not normal , Logan's flight path would be out over the water most of the time.