UFO with missing time spotted in Louisiana, in 1979

On September 1979, a mother witnessed a UFO since her home located in River Ridge, in Louisiana, USA. The next day, her child has had a missing time…

Witness statement:

Approximately 40 years ago when I was 3 or 4 years old, I had a strange episode of being missing for about 4 hours. The evening prior, my mother tells me that she was sitting on the porch and saw a UFO.

So, in the morning, my brother and sister go to school and my father goes to work. It was just my mother and me home. My mother set me up at the kitchen table with a bowl of cereal. The kitchen was in the back of the house. She went out the back door to the garage where the washing machine was located. This was right outside the kitchen door. She was only out there long enough to switch the laundry around and came back inside.

When she entered the kitchen, I was not there. My cereal and her ashtray were overturned. She had heard nothing. The front door and all windows were locked. She would have noticed if someone took me out the back door. I was nowhere in the house.

The neighbors searched our house, and their houses. My dad came home and searched everywhere, including cabinets I could not fit into. This was a 900 square foot house and it was not like me to hide. The police were called and they also searched the house and neighborhood.

Hours later, with mobs of people surrounding the outside of my house, they saw me through the door window and I was inside the house looking out. There was no way that I had been in there! The police asked me where I was. I told them that I was with my uncle. My uncle had been at work all day with many witnesses.

My mother has always felt that this event may be related to UFOs.

Photo : River Ridge, Louisiana (Infrogmation / Wikimedia) – CC BY-SA 3.0