Two strange blue UFO in sky over Springville, Utah

On July 30, 2015, an inhabitant of Springville (Utah) was walking in the streets. After watching the Moon, he took a photo. But, when he has posted it on Facebook, he noticed two mysterious blue spheres...

Witness report:

I was walking on the track at Springville high school in Springville Utah around 8:30-9pm and decided to take a photo of the moon. I didn't notice the objects until I posted the photo on my Facebook page. The blue spheres are clear and obvious. I was unaware of the objects at the time I took the photo, without my glasses. However, the bottoms of my feet began burning and I found it difficult to walk home and the pain continued for almost two days. I don't know why or if it was connected but it has never happened before. Because I didn't notice the objects at the time I took the photo, I don't know how long the objects were in the sky.