Two bright UFOs over I-5 in Firebaugh

On August 21, 2015, an automobilist was driving on a road in Firebaugh (California) when he has seen to naked eye two white lights travelled east then west over I-5.

Witness report:

Driving North on I-5. Event occurred around 9pm Friday night. There was an 18 wheeler in front of me at a distance of 100 ft. The right side of the road consisted of a line of trees, the left side was dark and I couldn't see clearly. I believe it consisted of either a line of trees or a large patch of grass/dirt. I noticed a light appear from between the 18 wheeler and the line of trees on the right side. The lights slowly moved their way into the trees. I saw them flickering between the trees as I kept driving. It took them about 3-5 seconds to move from where they appeared to the thicket of the trees. I could see the a light flickering for about half a minute amongst the trees. Then one light (not sure if the lights merged, or if the other light separated from the other and left the area) flew up and over the I-5 interstate in a sine wave motion and quickly glided to the other side. Where it appeared to have landed and or flown really low until it disappeared from my line of sight. The object appeared to be a mile to half a mile north of where I was. I was driving 77mph towards the event. This occurred an exit before the sign indicating the Firebaugh, CA exit was coming up, or two exits before Firebaugh. Attached please find an image of the right side of the road when I drove back down. I did check to see it wasn't a glare appear on my windshield, and there isn't an overpass in the area so I know it wasn't highlights from an elevated road. The attached picture should indicate that the trees were crop trees, lined up like an orchard. What struck me is the ability for this/these things to maneuver among such a narrow path.