Triangular-shaped UFO sighted since Maumee, Ohio

On August 3, 2015, an inhabitant of Maumee (city located in Lucas County, Ohio) has spotted a triangular-shaped UFO glittering since his home.

Witness statement:

8/3/15 Spotted bright object in the sky out of the master bedroom window in the eastern sky. About the size of an aspirin held at arms length. It was high up, possibly 10 miles away. Flashing/glittering. Upon first sight wondered if it were a star although I have never seen one "twinkle" in such a way with the naked eye. Viewed through the binoculars it was very similar in appearance to the way a star looks through a telescope. Except that I could see, very clearly, 4 points of light, triangular with a red light at the top, blue light in the center and two red lights at the base. There were multiple points of light coming off of it, like rays from a Sun. It was not moving, at first, but staying still. There appeared, for a moment, to be a trail coming off it. Moved downstairs to get a better view outdoors. As I descended the stairs, I could see it clearly through the stair case window. By the time I reached the back door, 5 seconds, it had disappeared. Although it didn't move, N or S (left or right) it did get slightly smaller as if it were moving away. Approximately 12 degrees off the horizon.

Photo: Woolcott House (NearEMPTiness / Wikimedia) - CC BY-SA 4.0