ISIL terrorists try to enter Bulgaria as refugees

Five men were arrested on the Bulgarian-Macedonian border. Their mobile phones contained pictures of decapitated people and ISIL symbols, Russia’s Federal News Agency reported.

Five men aged 20-24 were arrested on the Bulgarian-Macedonian border while travelling in a car with Kosovo numbers.

The suspects were stopped by border patrol. To avoid the check up, they tried to bribe the border guards, handing them a wad of dollars.

The search revealed that their mobile phones contained photos of decapitated people, jihadist prayers and video clips promoting the ISIL terrorist group. The suspects were taken into custody.

The men reportedly tried to cross Bulgaria’s western border hoping that the country’s security forces were more focused on the southern border with Turkey to curb the increasing flow of migrants.

Four of the men crossed the border without documents through the forest and then took the car of their accomplice, who entered Bulgaria from Macedonia legally, media reported.