Huge UFO over a tree spotted in 1981

On September 30, 1981, an inhabitant of Quincy (Illinois) was outside of this home. Before him, he has seen a huge UFO that was hovering above a tree.

Witness report:

It was fall. My mother had asked me to take out the dog. I put the dog on her leash and went out into our large backyard. I was outside for a few minutes. Then noticed the huge UFO hovering over the tree I was standing under. I never saw or heard it coming. It never made any noise. I just stood there staring up at it, I am not sure really how long. Long enough though that my mom walked to the patio door to check on me. I heard the door slide open, looked at my mom, looked back up, and it was already a mile away. It was shooting south and was gone in a couple seconds.

Photo: The Newcomb Mansion (Smallbones / Wikimedia)