Cigar-shaped UFO over a road in Kentucky

On August 26, 2015, two friends were driving on a road between Frenchburg and Camargo (state of Kentucky) when they noticed a large cigar-shaped UFO with red and green lights during about 10 minutes.

Witness statement:

A friend was driving me home from work from Frenchburg to Camargo on us 460. Coming through Jeffersonville, we noticed a low flying craft, with green and red lights, hovering maybe a few hundred feet above ground. No movement whatsoever, naturally thinking it may have been a helicopter we preceded on, although neither of us had seen a chopper not flashing, or being still and there was no noise from it. He proceeded to drop me off, and return the same way. He stopped on the way back to try to catch a picture, but the craft zigzagged somewhat and zoomed away. He said from stopping and looking he figured it to be a few hundred feet long and like a straight-line.