Bright green orb appears on photo during sunset

On August 25, 2015, two friends were in Spanaway (Pierce County, Washington) and took photo of sunset. When they watched their pictures, they have seen a strange green orb.

Witness statement:

My friend and I pulled over on the corner of 38th St E and 192nd Ave E in Spanaway to take photos of Mt. Rainier and the sunset. We were each standing on opposite sides of the car and were taking photos with our cell phones of Mt. Rainier and then turning 180 degrees and taking photos of the sunset. With the sun in our eyes, we were unable to see much when taking the photos of the sunset and never noticed anything out of the ordinary. When we arrived at home 10 minutes later, we noticed in that an orb shaped object showed up in both our pictures taken within a minute of each other. I took 8 photos in one minute (set of 4 pictures in eight seconds and set of 4 in another ten seconds) and in this time the orb moved from ground level in front of a silhouette of trees to high in the sky and from one side to the next. In addition, in my photos the orb showed up as a bright green glowing orb with bright white spots (which look like lights) that rotate in each picture and in my friends photos the orb is bright white with a red trailer. Her series of photos were taking exactly one minute after mine.



  1. Unknown said...:

    I just had a green orb following me on a beach hike in Boulder during a sunset last night. I was taking pictures and noticed it and kept taking more pics. I have over 20 pics of the same exact green orb with dots. It hides in trees and even in an area with no light. Still have no idea what it means