A mysterious flying saucer over Memphis in 1965

In the summer of 1965, two young men were walking in the streets of Memphis (in Tennessee). Suddenly, they have seen two classical flying saucers inverted. The middle of this UFO emitted light. What is it?

Witness statement:

In the summer of 1965 (?) I, and another class mate (Mike) went to visit a girl. She lived on McAdoo near Hollywood. It was in the evening. We arrived at approximately 6:00 pm and stayed until about 8:00 P.M. While walking home, as we both lived in the same general area, we were walking south on Hollywood approaching Poplar Ave. I looked up and to my right just above the light poles saw, just across the street, this UFO. It took a moment for it to sink into my consciousness. During this interval my friend Mike looked up and also saw it. We were extremely excited and continued viewing it as we walked toward Poplar Ave. The middle of the craft appeared as if it were made of a transparent glass like material and this area was a bright light which also had slanted black lines which moved in a counter clock wise direction inside the craft and was visible. At times the lines would go slow and at other times they would speed up and become invisible. Still at other times the lines would become viewable and vibrate, then the process would begin again. The craft was close enough that either of us could have picked up a rock and hit it. It moved slowly and without noise. There was no emission of fumes from the craft. It continued to approach the intersection of Poplar Ave. and Hollywood until it came within approximately 130 ft and then it stopped in the air and maintained this position for about 5 minutes. Then the vehicle accelerated towards Overton Park at a startling speed. It moved almost quicker than the eye could see or one could follow it. It appeared to be descending as it moved in this direction. We walked to the intersection and saw a Memphis Police car parked outside of a restaurant. We saw a middle aged Officer leave the restaurant and approached him and told our tale. In a very excited manner, of course. At the end of our tale he asked to smell our breaths. He did smell our breaths and then told us to go home. When I returned to my house my parents were very upset as it was late and I told my parents and a brother and sister about the experience. Of course, they thought we were crazy. As I was a young teenager I also thought it was my civic duty to report this event to the "authorities" which I did. I called the Memphis airport and spoke with someone and was told there had been no unusual sightings. I am older now but have never forgotten this event. I am also retired from the Memphis Police Department.

Photo: Lorraine Motel in Memphis (Wikimedia - CC BY-SA 3.0)