3 fountain-shaped UFOs over Harrisburg

On August 5, 2015, several witnesses were in Harrisburg (Pennsylvania, USA). Together, they chased 3 larger UFO that looked like fountains in the sky.

Witness report:

Chased 3 larger ufo's that looked like fountains in the sky. At first they were stationary, then began to move. bright yellow/gold. then saw about 30 or more and then they disappeared.

Noticed a bright light in the sky while driving home. Came to a clearing and saw a total of three that were yellow/gold in color and a round long shape. They were all blinking in different intervals. Suddenly they began to move. As we followed too another clearing to see the sky clear there were suddenly about 30 or more smaller circles blinking white all around the same area in the sky. You could see actual planes and hear helicopter. These were nothing like that. As quick as they appeared they were gone. We lost sight while driving to follow them.

We tried to debunk what they could be, bit as quick as they moved and as many in the area as there were, we were stunned. A total of three of us were in the car and had pulled over to watch this as well.

We were speechless and realized how hard this was to describe. It was nothing like we have ever seen before.

At first we thought thought it's was just a random light, but the color, size and movement made it clear that it was not.

Photo: Downtown Harrisburg as it appeared in 1910 (Wikimedia) - Public Domain