Cigar-shaped UFO over South Bend, Indiana

On July 17, 2015, the witness drove on 933 in South Bend (St. Joseph County, Indiana). Suddenly, he saw a long cigar-shaped UFO in the sky. Object reflected intensely the sun.

Witness report:

I was going to pick my son up from work, that's why I knew the exact time. Was driving south on 933 almost to the corner of Chippawa right by the church there when I saw the object. I pulled into their parking lot to watch it and it got smaller then disappeared from view after only a couple min. I am into ufology and was looking at the sky for fun as I went up 933, thinking it would be neat to see a ufo, but did not actually expect to see anything. When I first saw it the ufo just seemed to fade in! It was a few inches long at the distance I was viewing it from (estimate about a mile) and it was very bright, intensity was near half the intensity of the sun. Someone else had to see it. I pulled into the church lot at this point to watch it. From my perspective it seemed to travel WNW while gaining altitude till it hit the cloud deck and faded from view. By the time it hit the clouds it looked much smaller and dimmer. My son (who was at work and did not see it) said I saw a plane reflecting the sun, but to me the flight path and size rule this out. While I am not a trained observer we have lived here for over 30 years and I am very familiar with aircraft in general. I am familiar with many objects in the sky that commonly get filmed or photographed as ufo's but are in-fact explainable as bolide meteors, ball lightning and yes, even misidentified aircraft. I am even familiar with many different plasma effects that even now science is still trying to puzzle out (Norway has some good research in this area). I am confident this was not any of those.

Photo: An Aerial photo of Downtown South Bend (Cntrlaltdel33t / Wikimedia)