A father and his son abducted by aliens in 1988

On August 14, 1988, a son and his father were in Catoosa (in the State of Oklahoma). After seeing UFOs, they were abducted by aliens inside their spacecraft. This fascinating narrative has been posted on MUFON website...

Witness statement:

When I was approx.12 years old, me and my father witnessed the craft. It was massive.it was roughly the size of a large house maybe bigger. It was a silver egg shaped craft. Windows on craft, can see entities inside of it staring back at us. Two different kinds of entities are on board, some are very tall and some are short. Soon two orbs of light came out of the ship, one blue, one red, the orbs circled the craft, went back in, then a beam of light came from out of the craft and focused on our vehicle and filled inside of car with light, when the light hit us were paralyzed and unable move. Then there were entities surrounding vehicle at this point, only four in total. Two on each side of the car, at the doors. We were taken aboard the ship, we each had implants inserted in our arms, in me on my right elbow, on my father, his hand. Next I know we are back in the car, and the ship is still in front of us, a white misty fog is being produced by the ship. It then disappears into thin air, no high speed zoom away. It just simply vanished before my eyes. This happened approx 26 years ago I still have the implant in me. Would like get it taken out. I have provided a phone number to contact me. Please take this seriously, I wouldn’t waste your time or mine. Thank you for your time.

Photo: Blue Whale of Catoosa (TheWhitePelican / Wikimedia - CC BY 3.0)