White spherical-shaped UFO over Colorado Springs

On March 6, 2015, a person visited a monument in Colorado Springs. He took several photos of landscapes. Later, he has noticed a white spherical-shaped UFO. Image is very strange...

Witness report:

Visiting Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Driving though the park taking pictures, I took 4 consecutive pictures at in the park not realizing it at the time picture number 3 of 4 an object appeared. I did not see the object when the picture was taken, only after reviewing the pictures on the camera did I see the object in the picture. The picture was taken on 3/6/15 at 9:37:10 (pic3), previous picture taken 9:36:59 (pic2). Never actually saw the object. Hoping you guys could tell what it might be. Pic 4 was inadvertently deleted before I released the object in pic 3, however did undelete it from SD card but don't have exact date and time unless it can be retrieved from SD card.