UFOs in formation over Orange County, California

On June 17, 2015, an inhabitant of Orange County (in California) has spotted, in night sky, several unidentified lights in formation.

Witness statement:

I was in my back yard in Orange, CA, on the evening of June 17, 2015, when I began to notice a grouping of seven unusual lights to the north. They were already fairly high in the sky when first noticed so I cannot say definitely that they ascended from the ground or descended to the ground. My first thought was that some idiots had let off some Japanese lanterns and I thought that was really stupid in this weather. But then I noticed that they seemed to move on their own volition and appeared to move around each other too. I also had the feeling they were farther away than what I had thought: but they were as bright as the aircraft coming into John Wayne Airport. All of the points of light were the same brightness. I decided then to go get my phone and take a picture; when I came back, though, they were not in the sky. But within a minute or two they were back, only 5 this time, and seemed to appear out of nowhere. They hovered and a few played tag with each other, then a couple were gone and only 3 remained, hovering stationary for a few moments, then they were just gone. I did not see them zoom off or leave, they just weren't there.