Strange black UFO spotted over a lake in 1948!

On July 15, 1948, a young child and his friends were near in a lake in Oakville (in the State of Connecticut, USA). By looking around him, he has noticed an unidentified flying object suspended over the lake. According to witness, UFO made no sound.

Witness statement:

I was part of a group of children going to ECHO Lake to spend the day. We were walking along the dirt road leading to the lake, I was ahead of everyone else, as I came out from the canopy of trees I looked up and saw this object sitting in mid air above the lake. I called to my companions to hurry to come and see it. Before they could come out from the cover of tree, it sounded like a motor started up and the object dipped down, rose up, flew over the trees to the left and disappeared. The object looked like a black ball that had been cut in half, flat across the bottom and dome shaped on top. It was a matte black and had no shine to it. I was only 8 years old and since I was the only one that saw it, I never told anyone about it until I was 50 years old and people started to talk about seeing UFO's.

Photo: The Connecticut State Capitol in downtown Hartford (Ragesoss / Wikimédia)