Incredible UFO snapped over Kunming in China

On June 16, 2015, after a continuous photo shoot a night over Kunming (in Yunnan Province, Southwest China), an unidentified flying object is appeared in sky. What is it? Impossible to accurately determine...

Witness statement:

I am a person who likes to photograph, this time often takes the evening sky, beautiful sunset.

At around ten o'clock this evening, my daughter asked me suddenly, Dad, how can I so late there are white clouds, so I went to the window to see.

Tonight the sky is very beautiful, you can see the clouds. Then I took the camera from the window to outdoor the sky, and the night view of the city, we in the more than 20 floor, relatively high.

I usually take a photo of a photo, so I took 18 consecutive photos.

When I uploaded the photo to the computer, I was surprised to have a UFO in my hair, and I thought it was the plane, but I amplified it.

The picture looks for a long time, the feeling is not the plane, but the UFO.