Huge disc-shaped UFO sighted over Marcon, Italy

On February 18, 1996, a man was in his home in Marcon (in the province of Venice, Italy). By opening the gate of his garage, he has noticed an impressive and unusual disc-shaped UFO. This object changed of colors regularly. Witness has tried to take a photo but his apparel didn’t work…

Witness statement:

I was opening the gate of the garage, when raising his eyes to the horizon, I saw something that was approaching from SW. The object emitted a bright light in front that looked like one were to stop after about ten meters in front of the object. My dog ​​was barking for no reason and was extremely nervous, I called my wife and asked her if she could see what I was seeing, to view my wife was frightened and ran into the garage. I followed her and went to the window of the garage to see the object again, while I was going to open the window, my cat that was on the windowsill nearly scratched my face and made with a jump went into hiding in the house. the object now was passing over my house, and I noticed the lights on either side of the disc that changed various colors (green, orange yellow ect.). Courses from the garage on the first floor, and went to take the videotape, but this did not seem to work out, but I always kept the charge, ran out the front door and saw the object passing over my house without any noise to the north, then disappeared behind the houses. One thing that I noticed is that there was fog, before arriving at home, but there was no sign at the sighting of the fog at 0:35 am. Then about 1:10 am the fog was a great deal and formed suit at a time !!!

Photo: Chiesa di San Giorgio (Threecharlie / Wikimedia)