Bright UFO spotted since an airplane over Arizona

On June 8, 2015, the passenger of an airplane flying between Phoenix and Burbank has noticed through window a huge bright UFO. This object is appeared when airplane was over the State of Arizona. He has taken a photo of this anomaly. So, what is it?

Witness statement:

1. I was riding in a commercial airplane from Phoenix to Burbank between 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. The bright light on the vast desert surface caught my attention through the window.

2. The light came through my window and reflected into my eyes, getting my attention to turn to the window.

3. At first I thought the light could be a huge flood light, like the kind they use in construction sites at night.

4. It appeared to be a huge sphere of extremely bright glowing light, hovering over the desert surface, with what appeared to be a search light on the ground below. I stared at the object, trying to take in details and figure out what it was. It was very odd to me that this bright light was the only visible thing in the desert as far as my eyes could see. As the plane I was in traveled past the object, there was a short time I could not see it. But before the wing covered it, it appeared to be moving and becoming 3 separate lights, slightly smaller and less bright than the initial light. When the wing passed over the object and I could see it again, it was 3 lights which appeared to be in a straight line, I was unable to determine the distance between them. The search light on the ground was no longer visible at this point. The objects appeared to either be hovering over the ground, or on the ground at this point, and stationary. The shape and color of the lights remained spherical and white-yellow, however it went from 1 to 3, the 3 appeared smaller and less bright than the initial 1 light.

5. Initially I felt confused as to what this bright light in the middle of nowhere was, and why it was there. I could see no reason for it, nor anything but desert within eye sight from my pov in the plane. I looked around the plane to see if anyone else was observing it so I could ask them what they thought, but all passengers were asleep. There were two soldiers sitting near me, and I wanted to wake them so they could witness it too. After the confusion I felt curious, as I have had many other experiences for years, and wondered if this was another one or something explainable. Once the plane passed out of site of the lights I simple remained curious, as the whole thing was an unusual scene. Curious enough that I am reporting it to you the next day. I have no feelings about this specific event, but I do of course have feelings from other experiences I have had in the past.

6. The plane I was flying in flew out of sight of the object(s)/light(s).