Terrifying triangular UFO spotted in Australia in 1962

On January 10, 1962, during night, a son and his father have sighted a dark triangular-shaped flying in sky above the little town of Walhalla (state of Victoria, Australia). After this experience, the son had physical injuries…

Witness report:

Sometime between about January or February 1961 and 1963, I'd stayed the night in the Walhalla hotel with my father in the little hamlet of Walhalla in a deep forested valley in eastern Victoria. Walhalla is an old mining town, and 'slag' heaps could still be seen on parts of the valley sides then. At that time - and until only recently in fact - the town had no main grid power supply and all buildings including the hotel had their own generators (the hotel's generator was switched off at about 10.30pm and back on again early in the morning). This meant that if you were close to the hotel, you could hear the generator hum in the background.

Being summer, when we came out of the hotel at about 10.30 - 11 am, it was a very bright day with no clouds, so there was nothing to obscure the view of the sky. We noticed a fellow a short way down the street looking straight up into the sky, and we walked up to him to see what he was looking at. Somehow, he'd noticed a small black triangular object at a height of perhaps 2000 feet sitting dead still in the sky. I can recall when I looked up at it that it was a perfect black isosceles triangle with no apparent wings or any other extensions. After a few minutes, more people walked up and joined our group - someone had some binoculars and I was able to borrow them to look at it. Strangely, it didn't seem to be any closer when I looked at it through the binoculars and this was also something my father had mentioned.

After about perhaps ten or fifteen minutes, I experienced a strong wave of fatigue, and I closed my eyes for a few minutes. This was not entirely unusual, as I've been sensitive to very bright light, but when I opened my eyes, two things had occurred. Firstly, the object - which was still sitting dead still in the sky - had seemingly moved a bit higher, and secondly the light seemed to be slightly different. My father walked away for a few minutes and when he came back, he told me that his watch was wrong - that the time was now about 1pm. He said it had never done that before and couldn't understand why.

I didn't realize the significance of this until I spoke to someone who had seen a really large UFO over Bentleigh - another Melbourne suburb - in about 1973. He told me that even though he was only watching it for about twenty minutes, about an hour and a half had passed. My recollection regarding the light was that it was different because it was slightly later in the day and the sun had moved across the sky. Perhaps my father's watch was right after all... Were we missing about two hours? Was this because we were in the intensified gravity field of an advanced spacecraft and that the time in our immediate position had slowed down relative to normal time?

Could the black object have been a kite? If it was, the only reason it could have remained still for so long was if someone had stretched lines across from one ridge to the next - hardly likely. There is one other possibility. Not far to the east is Sale RAAF air base. Could they have been involved in testing some sort of highly classfiied aircraft?

might add that as far as I know, my father's watch was an Enicar - he bought a couple on ships on his travels. From what I've read, they tend to be quite reliable. As he bought it in the early 1960's, I'd say the likelyhood of it being a fake was not that likely, but as said in the story, it had never done that before.

As far as I can recall, we watched the object until we decided to leave - I think it was still there.

Photo: Walhalla township in 1910 (W Lee / Wikimedia)