NASA to Pay for Public Input on Mars Colonization

Want to contribute to Mars exploration? NASA has a job for you.

NASA launched a scientific competition for the best ideas that could help provide a continuous human presence on Mars, the space agency announced on its website.

"What do you need to bring, and how do you minimize the need for delivery of future supplies in order to establish a sustained human presence on a planet 140 million miles away from Earth?" the crucial question read as outlined by the agency.

As NASA is eager to carry out a crewed flight to Mars by 2030, anyone can now try their hands at space exploration and share their ideas on shelter, food and water, breathable air as wells as medicine and exercise for future Mars colonists.

Special attention will be given to projects that will reduce settlers' dependence on Earth for resources.

NASA plans to select solutions that balance practicality and feasibility and award three prizes from a total pool of $15,000.