Multiple UFOs sighted in Afghanistan during war

In 2009, an ancient soldier was deployed in Charkh district, Afghanistan. During nights, he has observed several UFOs thanks to his night vision goggles. Obviously, he has never taken photos or videos…

Witness statement:

I was deployed in Afghanistan in 2009, while serving in the United States ARMY. During my time in country I had to be on the night watch on multiple occasions. I was using standard issued Night Vision Goggles, never in real life before have I ever seen the sky full of stars and/or different flying objects such as fighter jets, helicopters, regular big cargo planes and military drones. I've also seen multiple small asteroids burning as they would enter the earth atmosphere. Looking at the sky With NVGs was amazing. So over few months I learned a lot about how to tell a difference between objects in the sky. Before I saw something unusual in the night sky, a friend of mine told me that he saw something weird in the sky one night; he said he was sure it was not man made or a falling rock from space. I didn't believe him, I told him it was probably a military aircraft and it just looked weird because of an angle of observation. However, he kept strong opinion and kept explaining how different it was from any man made aircrafts or asteroids. So I ended up thinking that he really saw something unexplainable or a UFO. Couple months later I was on another night watch. During the duration of the night I saw about 50 to 60 burning asteroids in the atmosphere, few fighter jets and one big airplane. Moreover, that night I saw something that made me a true believer. It was a bright glowing object, it didn't seem that bright without the NVGs, but with them on it was brighter than anything else in the sky at the time. The object was round, or at least that was the shape of the light it was emitting. I couldn't see the shape of an actual object. The light would change from white to yellow/reddish to silver like. The object was not moving fast or in a particular direction. It was moving up and down, left and right and that really cut my eye. The object stayed in the same area for about a minute to minute and a half. Than all of a sudden it went straight up in to the sky and disappeared. It looked like a falling star, but instead of falling it was moving straight up very fast, and just like that it was gone. Couple months later I have witnessed one more object that looked just like the first one. From my experience, I can definitely say whatever it was it was nothing like I've ever seen before. Those two accounts made me 100% believe in UFO. Over a year and a half later, I had a very strange dream that felt very real, I’m not going to go into details, but in a dream I was taken up to the craft and something was done to me and other people, I kind of saw the part of Alien Agenda and the part of a future, but that’s a whole other story and if you are interested to hear it, let me know and I will gladly tell tou about it. I just don’t know if that was just a dream, a message or an actual event, but after I woke up, right away a was thinking about the strange objects that I witnessed in Afghanistan. So that’s my strange story.

It was not the first time that ancient soldiers certified to have seeing unidentified flying objects during the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq. All these testimonies are often impressive and rather believable…

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