Multiple mysterious lights over Denver, Colorado

On May 2, 2015, at 8:20 PM, multiple white and bright lights were appeared over Denver, un Colorado (USA). A witness has filmed them during a few minutes…

Witness report:

May 2nd 2015 about 8:20pm heading south on Kalamath st to 6th Ave we observed about 6 to 10 lights that at first appeared to be planes of helicopters from a distance but were very bright. The more south we drove the brighter they became, as they traveled north in no specific formation they stopped and made a formation that in my opinion resembles some sort of constellation. Possibly the big dipper or some other. They stayed in formation for about a minute or two then one by one would start fading and disappeared. The formation almost felt like a message saying "look here". Very cool and scary and the same time.