Metallic flying saucer spotted over San Fernando Valley

On May 2, 2015, a man and his wife were in their car when they have seen a circular metal UFO. This object has been visible during about 15 minutes over San Fernando Valley (in California).

Witness statement:

Single object was seen in the northwest section of the sky. Possibly over San Fernando Valley.

Spotted it driving West on the 134 Glendale. Was seen from the L.A. River, Glendale to the Olive Ave. exiting the 5 North, Burbank.

Was a flat circular object that seemed stationary. Possibly a metallic surface appeared to have light reflecting off from the setting sun. Aerial perspective had improved while traveling closer.

Witness 1: Male. 34 yrs., Manufacturing Manager, Aerospace.

Witness 2: Female. 31 yrs. Quality Engineer, Aerospace.

Photo: San Fernando Valley looking northeast; from the Top of Topanga Overlook Park above Woodland Hills in foreground (Oakshade / Wikimedia)