Long cigar-shaped UFO over Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

On May 9, 2015, an inhabitant of the borough of Waynesboro (Franklin County, Pennsylvania) has seen through a window a silver cigar-shaped UFO. This object hasn’t edges, no windows, no wings and no trails behind it.

Witness statement:

I was looking out my window, and I saw a jet. So I took out a pair of binoculars (I've just bought them and wanted to use them). So after my fair share of jet watching I lowered them. And I saw something floating. It was a long narrow cigar shaped aircraft. No sharp edges, and no wings. It left no trail behind it. It was moving from South-East to South in direction at a fairly fast speed. So I ran outside, and in that time it had moved much faster than a blimp, so that was ruled out. I was watching it through my binoculars. It had no windows, and it was stopped in mid air. All of a sudden it just vanished. I just spent 10 minutes scanning the area with no success of finding it.

Photo: Waynesboro Borough Hall (Smallbones / Wikimedia)