Large flying saucer sighted over Crestview in Florida

On April 28, 2015, a very large disc-shaped UFO is appeared over city of Crestview (in Florida). A witness has seen it during about 10 minutes but he has not taken photo or video.

Witness statement:

The moon was blocked out to a sliver with a very sharp shape. As I observed the moon, thinking it was supposed to be about 3/4 from full, the disk began heading east with the clouds leaving the moon at it's appropriate size.

As the disk (guessing at about 1000 ft in diameter) traveled above the clouds, it was going slower than the clouds, but it's shape was clearly visible through the clouds as a perfect disk and unlit.

I realized what I was seeing was the shadow on the clouds from the moon. After about two minutes, it veered north and passed across some clear areas and appeared as a huge very black disk against a lighter sky and blocked out every star above it until it passed letting me once again see them.

This took about 4-5 min., until it passed over a thick bodied cloud and was then gone from view.

Photo: The Okaloosa County courthouse in March 2008 (Ebyabe / Wikimedia)