Large cigar shaped object appeared a city in Germany

On June 14, 2012, a large cigar-shaped UFO is appeared in the skies over city of Mülheim an der Ruhr (located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany). At this moment, witness was barbecuing with his family. The most strange is this object was visible by only this person…

Witness statement:

In mid June 2012 I was in the town of Mulhiem an Der Ruhr in Germany visiting my folks and I saw something in the sky.

I was barbecuing on the balcony, (I wasn't drinking because I was on Atkins at the time) I turned around and there in the sky was a massive dull silver torpedo cigar shaped object.

I was stunned quite frankly and then it dissolved into the sky. It was visible for maybe a second or two. I could see no surface details and no lights. It was slightly fuzzy/out of focus. It was quite high up, above where the fluffy cloud float but not up with the wispy ones, and massive. It's hard to judge it size and distance but if I stretch my arms out and upwards at 45 degrees it was a hand width or two bigger (I'm 197cm). I heard no sounds other than normal street noise. I felt that it saw me see it.

I stared at the now empty sky for a moment then rushed inside to see if anyone else had seen anything out the window in the kitchen.

It felt a bit surreal seeing my family doing normal stuff like preparing a salad and the table. The music on the cd player sounded hollow and my legs stringy. I told them what I saw. My brother ridiculed me saying I most probably saw a zeppelin as there is a zeppelin port near Mulhiem and that I should smoke another one. I repeated my question to my sister but she said she saw nothing.

I know what zeppelins look and sound like as they fly about quite often here in the summertime but this thing was no zeppelin.

I went back out the barbecue shaken. I reoriented the barbecue so as to not have my back to the west.

Photo : Église: die Petrikirche (Michielverbeek / Wikimédia)