Incredible object flying over Whyalla, in Australia

On May 1st, 2015, it was a nice day in Whyalla (state of South Australia). A person was gone to Hummock Hill to take a panoramic photo of the beach. When he was home and after to have uploaded picture on his computer, he noticed something of very strange…

Witness statement:

It was a really nice day, and I went up to Hummock Hill to take a picture of the foreshore beach area to send to a friend. I took a panoramic shot from left to right. When I got back to my computer, and uploaded the photo, I realized there was something in the middle of the shot. I hadn't noticed it at the time of taking the photo. Upon closer inspection I could see what appeared to be a vapor-cone (thanks google) at what I assumed to be the back. Can't say why I thought it was the back, as I didn't see anything with my eyes. But from the picture it appears to be moving from left to right.