Helicopter chases an unidentified orb in California

On May 21, 2015, a family exited of their car in the suburban city of Yorba Linda (in California). By looking up to heaven, the father has noticed a helicopter chasing a small UFO…

Witness report:

We were exiting our car, having just returned from baseball game. As I exited driver’s door I heard a helicopter flying low. I looked towards the south/west towards Anaheim. I noted a helicopter initially, then I saw a small orb (continuous glow) no blinking lights or sound. I quickly to my wife and kids to look up. They all watched the helicopter chasing (following) at closely behind orb. We observed the helicopter chasing orb for about 1-2 minutes before they flew over the hills of chino hills state park. Approximately 1 minute after losing sight of the helicopter and orb, a single military jet came from the west heading on the same flight path as both orb and helicopter. It was very interesting, it almost appeared as if the helicopter was escorting whatever the unknown craft was.

Photo: Standard design of street name signs in the city (Vercillo / Wikimedia)