Cigar-shaped UFO spotted over Llano in 1962

On June 1962, two children were playing with a bike in the little city of Llano (in Texas). Suddenly, they have seen a huge cigar-shaped UFO flying in the sky.

Witness statement:

My brother was teaching me how to ride his bike. We looked up & saw this cigar shaped thing come up over the hill that was to the north of our house outside of Llano. It was a hazy bright light form. I was 6 years old but remember it well. We also saw 5 lights far in the sky one night all in a row move in the opposite direction immediately. Nothing at the time or now can maneuver like those lights did. I do not have video of this event. Is occurred about 1962. I was 6 yes old.

Photo: The Llano County Courthouse (Larry D. Moore / Wikimédia)