Bright flying saucer over Pocono Pines, Pennsylvania

On May 23, 2015, during week-end several friends went away near a lake located in Pocono Pines (State of Pennsylvania). One day, a person has taken a photo of the Sun. On picture, it appeared a UFO seeming to a bright flying saucer…

Witness report:

My family (wife and 3 year old daughter) decided to join our friends (2 couples and 2 little girls) for a trip to the Poconos this Memorial Day weekend. We found a lake house at Pocono pines where we booked the entire cottage. The back of the cottage has a private beach with breathtaking views of the sunset. At 5pm, the sun was quite bright when I decided to take a picture in prep of taking shots of the sunset. While taking this picture, I had to almost close my eyes since the sun was so bright. Immediately after taking the picture, I didn't realize I had captured something weird but later that night while flipping through pictures with my friends, I noticed this object and was shocked to see what I saw.

I really don't have any explanation whether this could be a satellite/ UFO /Saturn or any other star/planet but curious to know what it is. I would appreciate if the experts could throw some light on this mysterious object. I am willing to answer any questions you might have.
Thank you

I took this picture with my iPhone 6plus with no zoom.