Bright flying saucer over Kingston, Oklahoma

On May 9, 2015, a woman was in her mother in the town of Kingston (Marshall County, Oklahoma) when they have noticed a metallic disc-shaped UFO at high altitude in the blue sky…

Witness statement:

My mother and I were outside doing yard work when she noticed something in the sky, I look up and see what I would describe as a UFO. My mother is very skeptical but I knew immediately exactly what I was looking at. I watched it for approximately 5 minutes, and it seemed to be stationary the entire time, I then ran to get my husband from the backyard. When we got back the object was nowhere in sight! We looked in every direction trying to find any kind of reflection or anything. There was nothing! It just vanished! The object was metallic, and disc shaped with the sun reflecting off of it. My mother thought it had headlights but I had to remind her it was daytime and a plane shouldn't have headlights. Especially during the day! I was mesmerized by this thing. And very disappointed when it was gone to say the least. After the sighting I started questioning myself. Just wondering if I really just saw a UFO.