A ring-shaped UFO appeared in Houston, Texas

On May 23, 2015, during night, a ring of lights has been spotted over Houston, in Texas. It’s not the first UFO that this kind of object is photographed…

Witness report:

I was at the downtown Houston Skate Park on Sabine St. with my family.

We were leaving and the skyline looked really pretty and I wanted to take some pictures (outside with no windows or glass surrounding me) at 8:44 pm before I got into the car.

I noticed what I thought was an airplane and another lighted object and thought how it would add to my night time, lit up building photos.

When I got into the car and looked at my photos I saw the object and quickly noticed it was a UFO that has been reported before by various people around the world.

I looked back outside and it was gone. I looked to see if any objects were at the height of where the object was; nothing, no street lights either.

In the pictures you can see the object moved across and up. When I took the pictures, I stood in the same spot and the times of the photos (4), taken on my IPhone, are all within one minute at 8:44 pm.

The weather was humid from a few storms that have been in the area over the last few days. I was extremely excited and grateful the craft showed itself to me for photographing for I am a true believer in our extended Galactic family.

I will never forget this evening!