5 to 7 UFO formed a boomerang over Waller, Texas

On July 1972, during night, a woman and her husband were in Walker (in Texas) when they have seen 5 to 7 unidentified lights in the sky. All these objects formed a strange boomerang!

Witness statement:

My companion and I both saw a boomerang configuration of 5 to 7 round glowing lights in the very dark sky above us on one side of the highway. The lights were traveling in a SE direction and continued to do that for the duration of the sighting. Since our car continued in a SE direction, I concluded that the lights must be as well, since we would have passed them if they had not also been moving.

The lights were round, with irregular edges and glowing a bright white. We observed them for about 15 minutes before they all disappeared at the same time. They didn't fly off, they just disappeared instantly at the same time. We did not know if they were one large object or a configuration of smaller objects. I describe it as a boomerang shape, but if it was one large object then it could have been banking or switching lights off and on to create the illusion of a boomerang shape.

The configuration changed about 3 times by having a light disappear from the longer arm of the boomerang and instantly appear on the shorter arm. In the blink of an eye, the longer arm became shorter while simultaneously the shorter arm became one light longer than before.

We heard no sound, smelled nothing, or saw or heard any plane or helicopter etc. during or after the sighting. It did not land, change direction or have any discernible characteristics other than the white glowing light shapes in a boomerang configuration.

Upon first sighting the lights, I checked my rearview mirror, had my companion roll down her window closest to the lights and made all efforts to rule out reflections from highway lights or anything common that would account for the lights appearing to be in the sky above us. There were no variables to account for this sighting.

I wanted to stop but my companion was extremely afraid and trembling so I kept driving at a slower speed while observing the lights. My companion readily acknowledged seeing the lights but did not want to talk about it at the time or later. Years later, when I asked her if she remembered what we saw, she said yes and described the lights with no prompting, but still did not want to discuss it.

My reaction was not fear but amazement, as I'd never seen or even heard of anything to account for what we were seeing. In my excitement, I did jokingly ask my companion if we stopped, would she want to contact whatever it was in the sky. She become very agitated and alarmed and loudly said, no--so I assured her that wouldn't happen and that I was just joking. She said it was not funny and she wanted to get away from the lights. She remained tense and nervous and I remained amazed even after they disappeared.

To my knowledge, nothing has happened to either of us, in the intervening years since the sighting, that seems connected to it.

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