3 cylinder-shaped UFOs over San Isidro, Peru

On January 11, 2015, a person living in San Isidro (Peru) came out his home when he’s seeing three green cylinder-shaped UFOs. Witness has taken multiple photos of these objects…

Witness report:

I came out of the house and seen in the sky, 3 green cylinder like lights in a diagonal position then another white shaped sphere that drifted across the sky from west to east. I went back in the house and grabbed my cell phone and took some pictures of all the lights and also recorded a small video of them. They moved like they lights attached to a kite, but this was at night. The white light seem to just drift to the west of the lights and then it drifted down across the horizon from west to east, now it could have been a different light but really wasn't watching that one. My eyes were on focus on the 3 green lights. Now my wife observed these lights as well and a friend of ours which took some pictures with his digital camera.