UFO snapped during Mercury Mission

On April 2015, famous ufologist Scott C. Waring has discovered a disc-shaped UFO taken during one of the first NASA mission, the Project Mercury (launched in 1958 and finished in 1963). Now, the photo has been published in whole world!

Scott C. Waring witnesses:

I found a disk in some photos of the Mercury mission. The mission took place in Dec of 1960, and why wouldn't aliens be interested in watching a historical moment in human history? Especially since the capsule was unmanned, there were no worries that they would be seen. Its actually the Earth in the background and the UFO is in space observing the Mercury capsule. The disk is hard to make out in the first photo, but three photos later its easy to see. It looks like a classic disk with a wedge cut out of it. We are living in a remarkably era, when certain deep truths about the universe come within reach of the human spirit. SCW

Source photos: