Star like UFO reported over Wilmington, NC

On April 21, 2015, in night, a young woman living in Wilmington (a port city in North Carolina) has spotted a bright star looked like a UFO hovering right next to the moon. What is it?

Witness statement:

I was inside doing school work and my boyfriend (works night shift outside) called me at 9:45PM and told me to look outside next to the moon and see if I have ever noticed "that star" next to it. Upon arrival I immediately knew it was no star. It was VERY bright almost like a planet and it looked like a cross or diamond but nothing that I have seen before, I have never seen anything in the sky so bright just sitting there. I got goose bumps and excited and scared/curious at the same time. My reaction while on the phone was "that's no star". I also noticed a plane headed that direction and was able to compare and it was definitely not a plane. I went inside because my daughter is asleep and I need to do my school work but I am going to go outside after I’m done to take another look. This is our second UFO sighting since we moved here in September 2014.