Outlandish UFO snapped in Port Elizabeth, ZA

On June 19, 2014, a woman was with her fiancé in front of a hotel in Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape Province, South Africa) after dinner. By seeing sumptuous fountain, she has taken photo. Later, on a corner of this picture, she has noticed an unbelievable UFO…

Witness report:

This evening my sister went to dinner at a hotel with her fiancé. After dinner they went outside to see the fountain lighting show and according to her was a bit cold and they were about the only people outside, there were NO objects or any treats or bushes nearby. She took a few pic's to send to us in Cape Town and only discovered the next morning when she wanted to send the pic's the strange object on the images. She said they did not hear anything and there were no planes/helicopters at that time which was about 9hr the evening.