Multiple UFO lights seen during Iraq war in 2004

On July 13, 2004, a military deployed in Iraq is persuaded to has seen multiple unidentified lights. According to him, these UFOs resembled to the famous and mysterious Phoenix Light.

Witness report:

1) It was during a night mission and I was with my convoy of US Army Hmmwv(s) waiting to receive the go-ahead to start back to our FOB.

2) It was dark and we were waiting for orders. I happened to look up in the night sky and saw these lights appear.

3) At first I was baffled. I figured it could be anti-aircraft flares but to my knowledge we didn't have any aircraft covering our movements. I was familiar w the Phoenix Lights case and realized that what I was seeing strongly resembled what I had seen on tv about the Phoenix case.

4) One after the other, these lights appeared in sequence and progressed like an inchworm across the sky in a straight line. I thought it must be flares but from what I could tell none of them descended towards the ground. They were bright like car headlights and just hung there for a about a minute until, one after the other sequentially they disappeared. It lasted for about 5-10 minutes. No sound as it progressed which made me wonder bc I think we would have heard an aircraft at that range. It wasn't close but wasn't too far away either.

5) My first reaction was to draw the attention of a few others to it but they didn’t think it was a big deal because we were on a mission and needed to focus. It made me wish I had a camera on me but I didn't.

I tried asking some of my old army buddies if they remembered the event years later but no one seemed too recall. :(

6) Eventually it inched it's way across the sky, parallel to our position until it was out of sight.