Huge white light seen in Tallmadge, Ohio

Few days ago, during an afternoon, an inhabitant of Tallmadge (Summit and Portage counties, in Ohio) walked down a street. Quickly, he has noticed a huge white bright UFO flying near him. Witness did not take picture or video…

Witness report:

It was around 3 or 4 a.m. when I left my cousin's house. I live right down the road from her so I walk home very late feeling quite safe most times. I was walking in the street when I approached my house so I cross to the sidewalk and at this point I have full view of my backyard which is always pitch black. I live on the edge of a small forest.

Neighbors aren't very close and I have nothing in my backyard except trees. Occasionally deer will wander there, but they are dark brown and you can clearly see them at night and what they look like.

As I was saying, when I crossed to the sidewalk I was around 30-40 feet from my front door. Usually I cross the lawn, walk up the steps, go in.

I reach the side walk and I see something white in the backyard. It was probably 100 ft away. I stopped on the sidewalk to look more intently. It didn't appear to be touching the ground and it was bright enough for me to notice.

We have no animals in the neighborhood that are white. I've never witnessed this before and I knew it wasn't an animal. What I saw in my backyard was round and bright and didn't appear to be touching the ground. This of course petrified me and I started walking faster to my lawn, as I moved the object seemed to move as well.

I only stared at it for a total of 4-5 seconds before I wanted to get inside. It did appear to move slightly towards my direction, but only when I started walking again did it move more swiftly. I'd say it moved at 6 ft per second.

I got inside my house and quickly turned all the lights on. I have to say I wasn't brave enough to look outside again. I felt I may have been confronted by it. I also want to add I know that I do not have any evidence towards my story and that it is just my word and first hand encounter but I have not seen the white object since.

P.S. I was on no substance that would hinder my perceptions and I was not tired because I had slept that day till 6 pm. I feel very confident that this was some sort of "alien" because I've had multiple inexplicable things that have happened to me.

None included an encounter with something like this but I've been uneasy since these things have started.

Hopefully I am not alone in my area and it will be looked into in some way. It's comforting to know I am not alone though.

Photo: Historic Tallmadge Church, May 2007 (IanManka / Wikimedia)