Fireball like UFO photographed in Shanghai, China

On April 21, 2014, a man visited China during a business trip. When it was outside the Oriental Pearl Tower, he has taken multiple photos. Later, when he viewed the photos on his camera, he has noticed a fireball like UFO!

Witness statement:

I was on a Business trip to China from South Africa, we arrived in a small group to Hong Kong Via O.R. Thambo airport in JHB South Africa. we flew from Hong Kong to Shanghai , on arrival we drove from are port to the city , we stopped at a few sites to view , then arrived around 5-6pm outside the Oriental Pearl Tower. I was cloudy and was raining somewhat, but cloud was not too low, we could clearly see the tower, I took many pictures around the tower with the group and the attached photo was taken just before we entered the tower.

when I took the picture, my attention was drawn to a light on the R/H side, but after taking the photo I could not see anything, thus did not worry further, sometime later I was checking the pictures I took and noticed the light, however it was not until MUCH LATER when returning back to South Africa, after loading all pictures on my Lap Top, that I was intrigued by this picture I took.

I have NO explanation what it was, but when I took the picture it was there, and next thing GONE!

The city was very busy, I was excited and did not pursue the subject.

Over the last year this photo has been on my mind and I would like to understand if any, is there a reasonable explanation for it?

I do believe that we are being visited, and somehow, I may have witnessed, even though very small, something unidentified.

I do not believe anyone else in our small group say what I saw, but I did not discuss it with anyone else anyway.