Blue round UFO snapped over Bethalto, Illinois

On April 11, 2015, a former military was flying kites with his kids in the village of Bethalto (Illinois). He took a photo of this moment. On his picture, he noticed a blue round UFO. After looking the sky, he has seen nothing and has heard no sound…

Witness statement:

I was flying a kite with my kids on 4-11-2015. I decided roll take a photo of the kite, when I went back and looked at the picture I noticed a blue sphere shaped object in the sky to the right of the kite. I do live by a local airport; in bethalto, Illinois. after I noticed the object in the photo I attempted to zoom in on it. Once I did that I noticed that there where 6 whitish/silver objects or possibly lights within the blue sphere. I did not notice the object at the time the photograph was taken, and I don't recall hearing any sounds or seeing any movement. I served in the United States army and I have never seen anything that even remotely comes close to what is in the photo, therefore I would have to say that the object in question would more than likely be an unidentified flying object.