A rod appears during a TV show in USA

On August 1st, 2014, an inhabitant of West Virginia watched a TV show when he saw on his screen an unusual flash of light. By looking more carefully these images, he noticed a phenomenon known as ‘rod’…

Witness report:

I am a believer we are not alone. I sometimes scan the reality shows  when they show the mid night horizon looking UFO. I saw a flash of light on a show and thought it might be of interest. I slowed the show down to slow mo and it is a clear image of a rod flying through the sky. It has multiple frames that I could see the exact match to wing rods seen in Mexico cave. The rod not only flies into view at extreme speed but starts to curve / change direction. VERY FAST!!! I thought you would like to know. It is from a very popular show on TV from this last week episode.

Appalachian Outlaws, episode 9, min 11. Must see!!! If its not available online, I can send pic.