3 unusual red UFO snapped over La Jolla beach

On March 31, 2015, a woman took photos since the beach of La Jolla, in California. Later, she found three unidentified red lights. Theses (or this?) UFOs were not visible to naked eye. But today woman and his husband try to understand what is it…

Witness statement:

My wife is an amateur photographer. She was at the wind and sea beach in La Jolla CA taking sunset pictures. My wife was taking these pictures with 2-4 second exposures. I thought it was odd that the lights and image did not move during the exposure. My wife took three pictures of the seen over a 10 min time period. These 3 photos are very clear. She used a Cannon D70 camera on a tripod with remote. I am not sure these are UFO pictures but the object appears to move very slowly and also seems to be rotating by the way the lights have changed position from the three pictures. Please contact me after you look them over.