2 peanut-shaped UFO over Montreal, Quebec

On July 22, 2003, just before sunset, a person living on île Bizard (in Montreal, Quebec) was in his home when he has noticed two white objects moving slowly across the sky. Witness has snapped one of these peanut-shaped UFO…

Witness statement:

I was out by my back door in the yard having a smoke. It was a clear blue sky and I happened to look up over the sky line. I saw these two objects that appeared to be shaped like peanuts in a shell. They were reflecting in the sunlight. At first I assumed they were aircraft. We did live under an approach to YUL. But as I continued looking at the objects I realized that there is no way these can be planes as they are moving way to slowly and they were much too close to each other to be safe for planes.

I decided to run inside to get out my Nikon digital cam.

When I returned, the objects were still approximately in the same area. I pointed my camera and started to take photos. The photo I am sharing is one that I used the digital zoom at its maximum.

With the zoom maxed out, it was hard to keep the object in the view finder, but I managed to get at least two images before they floated out of my view.

Eventually both objects moved out of my sight behind some trees and I lost sight of them.

The other shots do not seem to show much of anything, just some white spots on a blue sky background.