White and bright object over San Jose, California

On March 26, 2015, a witness waited for his train in a station in San Jose (California) when he decided to take photos of landscapes. On an image, he noticed a curious white unidentified flying object over a street lamp. What is it?

Witness report:

I was at the Diridon transit station in San Jose, California waiting for my train on my way to work. I decided to take pictures of some cherry blossoms with my cell phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 - it's a very good camera. I take two pictures; one at 12:13 pm and one at 12:14 pm. I then notice a security mirror on a pole that has a cool reflection of the cherry trees and rail tracks so I decide to photograph the mirror as well. I take one photograph at 12:14 pm, reposition myself and take another picture of the mirror at 12:15 pm. All photographs are time-stamped. I then go sit down in the shade to review my pictures and continue to wait for the train.

I notice in the picture taken at 12:15 pm that there's a white object above the lamp post in the foreground of the picture (direction of the photo is roughly SW). It is not in the similar picture take one minute prior. Not sure what it is, I zoom in on it and am astonished to find that it looks like a saucer or half-circle shaped object surrounded by a light or vapor emission. I'm convinced I captured an image of a UFO. The next morning I decide to scrutinize my photos from then to see if I can see anything else. In the two photos of the cherry blossoms (taken at 12:13 and 12:14, direction is roughly SE) I can see disc-shaped objects and light streaks in the sky when I zoom in. I am not an expert on these things but the objects I've captured in my photos are suspiciously 'unidentified.' There are planes in the area as the transit station is not far from the airport but I have DEFINITELY NOT captured any images of airplanes.

Attached is the fourth photo, the most conclusive one, showing the white object above the lamp post that, when zoomed in, resembles a spacecraft. I can send the other two if requested. Those require more explanation of location, zooming, etc.