Triangle-shaped UFO flying over Boynton Beach

On March 3, 2015, at 20:37, a witness said he has seen a rounded triangle-shaped UFO with red, green, and blue lights flying over Boynton Beach, Florida. This object has been sighted during few minutes. A long description has been published on NUFORC website (“National UFO Reporting Center”) …

Witness report:

I was walking out of my community club house, and when I got to the main sidewalk, I got the chills. All the hair on my arms and legs rose up. I then notice only what I can describe as a electrical hum.

I immediately looked up and that is when I saw it. The black craft had to only be about two thousand feet in the air. There was eight lights in total on it. Three green light on one side, three red lights on the other side, and two blue lights on the back. There is a big communications tower real close.

At first I froze because I got scared, then I fumbled for my phone. Once I got my phone out I thought I started recording. At this point I'm looking due west.

I believe it noticed the light being projected from my phone and it started moving in a tight three hundred and sixty degree circle three times then headed slowly east south east at the same altitude. This lasted about two and a half minutes before it disappeared behind the townhomes. I went to view the amazing footage I filmed and I never hit record.

Photo: Marina Village of Boynton Beach (Wikimedia)